10 Signs Of An Affair

By Lacey Michaels lifescript.com


You may not think that your husband would ever cheat, but you catch yourself looking for signs of an affair. Perhaps you really are just being paranoid over nothing, or perhaps your heart is trying to tell you something. Either way, you may not catch a cheating spouse unless you know just what to look for. … So what do you look for to see if your husband might be cheating? Obvious changes in his attitude or routine might not be the only clues, and these things might not be related to cheating at all. Looking for signs of an affair is complicated, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

He’s Suddenly Shaving

If your husband’s grooming habits suddenly take a change for the better, then you might have to be concerned that you’re not the one he is trying to impress. Maybe it is just a little harmless flirting with a cute new girl in the office who makes him feel young again, or maybe it is something worse. You won’t know just by sniffing him, but you can certainly get your first clue.

He’s Dressing Better

In addition to the new haircut, your husband has thrown out his old suits and is suddenly dressing like a man of the new millennium.
You may be thrilled that he is finally listening to your nagging about his old clothes, but it could be that he has a new woman he is trying to impress with his sense of style.
This could be a sign that he is having an affair.
It is still not time to accuse him of anything, but make the extra effort to be there for him so that he doesn’t feel the need to seek attention elsewhere.

He has a New Favorite

Has your husband started wearing a special something when he goes to a particular place?
Maybe he has a new favorite sweater that he wears golfing all of a sudden or a new bag that he takes to the gym every time. If this interest in his new favorite does not extend to his dates with you, it could be something that a girlfriend bought him. There are reasonable explanations for this as well, but if the clues are piling up, you may be getting suspicious.

The Devil is in the Details Suddenly no one has a name. He was out with “the guys” or “people from work” and doesn’t feel like naming names, adding perhaps that it was just the usual crowd of friends. He can’t remember the name of the place that they went to for dinner or drinks, either. Suddenly getting details out of your man is like pulling teeth. Be even more worried if he gives you details and then they change the next time you ask. This is almost certainly a sign that he is being dishonest.The Phone becomes a Secret Suddenly your husband has to leave the room to take a call and his cell phone is suddenly locked.

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