17 Great Places For a Summer Quickie With Your Baby

Are you ready to spice it up, ladies? Take summer lovin’ to the next level in one of these inspired locations.

By Charli Penn


Drive In Movie

Drive In Movie

Whoever invented drive-ins is a genius. It combines two of the best hookup locations from when you were a teenager: at the movies and in your car, which is sure to get your heart racing when you think back to all those wild times you snuck around with your high school boyfriend. What makes this location even better though is that you’re more experienced now and can take full advantage of what the backseat has to offer.



You’ve finally decided to take a break from the mundane everyday and go out for a night on the town with your man, who by the way, is looking incredible. Hooking up in a taxi cab is a great way to start the night and really let loose. Sure, the cabbie is going to take notice, but if you slip him a little extra, there’s no way he’ll mind.



It’s impossible to not think about sex in a night club—lots of mixed drinks, rubbing up against strangers, grinding against men you’ve never met—and you know everyone only has one thing on their mind anyway. So if you’re starting to pull out your bedroom moves on the dance floor, why not just go all the way?

Baseball Park

There’s no way you won’t get riled up at a baseball game especially if you’re watching your favorite team play. Between the drinking, cheering, and shouting, no one will really notice if your man tries for second and makes it all the way home without striking out. And if you need more privacy, you can always opt for cheaper seats further away from the crowd.


Even if you’re not quite an exhibitionist, getting it on on the bus can be great if you’re looking for a quick thrill to pass the time during long trips. You’re always going to be surrounded by people who are sure to notice your little escapade, but if you time it right (like during the commute home from work or late at night), everyone will be too tired to really care. Some buses also have high backs and will shield you from curious onlookers.

Video Arcade

With the invention of home gaming systems, very few people venture into video arcades nowadays, but that’s doesn’t mean you can’t try to get a high score! The loud beeping noises and large machines should be enough to conceal your naughty gaming adventure, and if you’re feeling particularly daring, try playing a driving game on your man’s lap.


At one point or another, getting busy on a desk has been on everyone’s list of fantasies. I mean, what’s hotter than tossing everything off your desk in one swoop and playing secretary in the office?

Supply Closet

Everyone has done it in the supply closet at work, and if you haven’t, you should. The supply closet is pretty risky because you never know when someone will show up, but that’s what makes it fun! You also never know what you’ll find in there, so this is definitely the time to try different positions and play with props.

Locker Room

There’s very little that is more thrilling than watching a man get into the game whether that’s football, basketball, or any other sport. For starters, they’re usually shirtless, which means you get to watch sweat trickle down every muscle, and when they win, boy, do they win! Sneaking into the locker room for a real celebration after a big win is sure to get you’re adrenaline pumping.


No one likes waiting endless hours for their car repairs, so why not make the most of it? There’s nothing more fun than prancing into a garage waiting room in heels and a form-fitting dress. (Hey, maybe you just came from a meeting!) It’s basically guaranteed that the majority, if not all, of the room will be men and that they’ll definitely take notice of your grand entrance. Play it up and ask that cutie in the corner if he can teach you how to drive stick outside!


Fitting Room

Fitting Room

It’s great to surprise your man with new lingerie, but why not switch it up and let him pick out something for you? Slipping into a few sexy pieces in the fitting room with your man is sure to get you hot and bothered, and the mirrors, benches, and lack of security in most fitting rooms makes this a great spot to really go at it.


Concerts are great for quickies because they always have that anything-goes atmosphere. Sure, you may be surrounded by hundreds of people, but chances are, they’re too busy downing their beers and watching the band to notice your little bump and grind session.


Why should the bride and groom have all the fun? Weddings are great for quickies because no one will notice if you step out for a few minutes. After all, everyone’s eyes will be on the bride the entire time. Even if you do get caught, it’s unlikely that anyone will mind especially when you tell them how romantic you felt after seeing the happy couple exchange vows.


Hotel rooms with a terrace are a must when you’re on vacation. What’s better than staring at a beautiful sunrise or sunset with your partner or that cute local you met at the bar last night except really enjoying the view with a quickie on the terrace?

Pool Table

Pool Table

The trick here is to learn how to play pool well and make wild bets with your date or that stud you’ve been eyeing. Most guys think that girls can’t play pool, so showing him up will really get his pulse racing especially when he wants sink his ball in your hole. With the dim lights and secluded area (pool tables are almost always at the back of the bar), you’re sure to both be winners when you clear the table.



There is no greater turn-on than soaking up the summer sun at the beach! It’s far too hard to resist sneaking in a grab or two when you’re lying next to your almost nude partner and staring at gorgeously toned and tanned bodies walking by. The ocean also offers just enough cover to make sure your public affair stays somewhat hidden.



Although the shower isn’t really all that risky, it definitely spices up your sex life at home. Just sneaking in while your man is getting ready for work is sure to leave a giant smirk on both of your faces (and sex on the brain) all day.


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