20 Tips for the Best Sex Ever

By Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, Special to Lifescript

Has your sex life gone stale? Between kids, work, the economy and other pressures, steamy sex {82C69DE5-E3F3-4616-9C78-8FB31E4FC92A}Sex1_article[1]may seem like a fantasy. (Although there’s a place for that too!) Are you ready to turn up the heat again? These 20 tips will help get you in the mood both physically and mentally…

Sweaty bodies, tangled sheets, moaning… it sounds X-rated, but it could be real life.
Read on for the top 20 tips for having the best sex ever.
Already having stupendous sex? There’s always room for improvement.

1. You’re entitled to fabulous sex.
So what if you haven’t lost your baby weight, certain body parts are drooping or you have a pimple the size of a volcano. It doesn’t matter.

“When you’re in bed and making love, your partner’s not worried about any little imperfections a woman might have,” says Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., author of Pleasure: A Woman’s Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need and Deserve (Putnam).
Besides, his body probably isn’t perfect either. Does a guy ever let a large belly or back hair get in the way of a good time? Follow his lead.

2. It doesn’t add up.
Women have an average of four sex partners in their lifetime, says the National Center for Health Statistics. Which means many women have field-tested more than four guys.
Whatever your number, you’re neither a slut nor prude. As long as you feel good about yourself, pack protection and avoid embarrassing YouTube videos, who cares how many notches are on your lipstick case?

3. Make a date.
Scheduling sex might sound too anal to be fun, but sometimes planning is in order. You make time to work out and do errands – why not for sex?
“This is important, so you have to make room for it and push it forward,” Dr. Hutcherson says.
Reconnecting with your partner as a lover – not roommates or parents – is a reminder of why you were attracted to him in the first place.
And once you’ve made a sex appointment, the anticipation can be almost as titillating as the event. Kick it up a notch by trading racy texts or leaving a sultry voicemail on his cell.

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