How To Talk Dirty

Start with No.5

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True story: I once dated a guy who compulsively grunted “Oh yeah, you like that? You like that?” almost the entire time he was on top of me. And no, I did not like that.

What I would have liked is if he had been a little less generic and repetitive. And since studies show that couples who get verbally nasty in bed report increased levels of intimacy and relationship satisfaction, I think it’s safe to say that knowing how to talk dirty is an essential component to good sex. Thing is, as Mr. You Like That proved, it’s not always easy for some guys to do — or to do well. So here are some basic, lady-friendly rules to get you started …

How To Talk Dirty

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No.5 Initiate A Naughty Q&A

Questions like “Does that feel good?” or “Do you like when I touch you like this?” can help get the ball rolling. And if you find yourself on the receiving end of these questions, know that a grunted “Uh-huh” or a bland, “Why yes dear, that does, in fact, feel good” are not acceptable answers. Have a little gumption! Try “That feels so f*cking good” or “No one has ever touched me like that before” so she know she’s not in bed with a corpse — and that you think she’s better in bed than one.

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