Keeping Things Exciting

Here Are A Few Ways To Keep Your Relationship Exciting

Keeping Things Exciting

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There is a big difference between having sex in a relationship and having great sex in a relationship. A wise man once told me that if sex is an issue with your partner, it can be 80% of the discussion; if it is great, it will only be 20% of the dialogue. The latter sounds like a much healthier situation to us. Here are a few videos that take you through some of the ways to take things up a notch. We can lead you to the water, but it’s up to you to drink it.

5 Places To Have A Quickie

Sometimes, spontaneous can be your greatest salvation. Why wait until you get home to act on impulses that may fade after an awkward cab ride home? Occasionally, you need to take immediate action — no matter where you are.


Introduce Biting Into The Relationship

We aren’t talking about drawing blood, but maybe try to get things going with a little playful aggression. Take it from us — make sure both of you know what’s up before taking a nibble. You don’t want to freak her out.

Having A Threesome

Ah, yes. The dream of all dreams for men. Or is it? This is trickier than a drunken backflip, but there are ways to bring it up. More importantly, there are rules to follow. Heed all of this.

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