Five Essential Items to Add to Your Lingerie Drawer In 2013

Image via Bravissimo

Items for this column were provided by Julie France Body-Shapers and Dear Kate. All opinions are my own.

We’ve been buried in cold (and snowy!) weather here in the South for the past week, so I’ve been all the time I’m stuck inside as an excuse to audit my lingerie collection. January is a great time to throw out bras that are dead, donate bras that don’t fit, ditch panties with holes in them (I don’t care if no one else will see them, they’re depressing), and to generally take stock of your lingerie drawer.

However, when you’re replacing parts of your lingerie wardrobe I think it’s worth doing it mindfully. For me this means making a list of what I have, along with items that I need and want. That way, when I come across pieces through 2013 I can see where they fit into my lifestyle. Here are my ten essentials that I am working on incorporating into my collection this year!

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