Do You Really Like Him Or Was It The Sex? 14 Fun Facts You Should Know About Evolution And Love


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You’d like to think you’re pretty rational, right? That you’re in control of your future, isn’t that correct? Well you are, and you aren’t. There’s a reason so much of what feels really good—dating the wrong guy, sleeping with someone—are also things we know we shouldn’t do. Our genes are only concerned with one thing: being perpetuated.

That’s where the, “Do it” voice comes into play. But, the fact that you can recognize why something that feels good is in fact not good for you—that is what makes you a logical creature. So don’t worry, you’re not totally a mass of uncontrollable hormones and chemicals. But in order to control them, you have to know about them.

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Infatuation lasts two years

That feeling of addiction and madness has been found to last about two years, approximately how long it would have taken our great, great ancestors to produce and wean a child. You evolved to remain bonded to your partner long enough to care about this joint project of raising a baby. So, if you’re considering marrying someone you’ve been with for less than two years, think again. At day 730, you might wake up and feel nothing about that man next to you.

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