Kim Kardashian’s Hottest Looks of the Week Include Lingerie and Tattoos

Kim Kardashian’s Hottest Looks of the Week Include Lingerie and Tattoos

By Deena Bustilloon

via Twitter
Kim Kardashian was busy looking stylish and important with her man at New York Fashion Week, but she managed to find enough time to tweet some sexy shots in between the runway shows and sprinkle-covered froyo.

Check out Kim K’s fur and pearls, oh, and the see-through lingerie. (via Twitter)

In fact, she even squeezed in two shots of herself in lingerie! Well, it happened to be the same sexy picture twice, just one was zoomed in — for a closer look at her pearls, of course. The image appears to be from the same shoot she did a few weeks back. It’s smart that she’s getting some mileage out of it!
The brunette also posted some shocking shots on the Web this week. In one shot, she’s wearing a revealing old-fashioned swimsuit of sorts with her thigh, arms, chest, neck and even her face "tatted up," as she wrote. Her ink, which was obviously fake, included the face of Lucille Ball, some scrawly writing, and what looked like a snowflake on her neck. It’s unclear what the shot was for, but Kardashian said she’s "feeling it."
And, she included two images of her face in bold, black makeup. Her "Goth" face.
Check out more of Kim Kardashian’s hottest Twitter looks of the week here:



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