The Top 25 Tights for Fall and Winter – 2012 Edition


By Treacle from



Now that Fall is definitely on its way (at least in my neck of the woods) it’s time for our annual list of the best tights for Autumn and Winter. This season sees the return of some classic trends, as well as the addition of some brand news. Floral prints and lace, ever popular patterns for the cooler months, make a reappearance and dots are a huge trend for this season – every hosiery manufacturer has at least one dotted style, I think. Patches on the knees are another trend, and colorblocking has migrated from the runway to legwear. And of course, there’s a brand new (but perhaps still on the fringes) trend, ombre. As always, just click on the photo to be taken directly to the purchasing page.

What’s your favorite from the tights listed below? Got any you love that we didn’t include? I’d love to read about it in the comments!

P.S. Feeling a little nostalgic? Check out our previous lists for 2011, 2010, and 2009!

Sheer Star Tights, via SockDreams – $9

ASOS Skull Sheer Tights – $11.21

Gipsy Hearts and Spots Sheer Tights, via ASOS – $12.07


HUE Polka Dot Tights, via Nordstrom (available in 3 colors) – $13.50

HUE Opaque Tights (available in 17 colors) – $13.50

ASOS Zip Detail Tights – $17.25


Hansel from Basel Diamond Graphic Tight – $18.00

Jonathan Aston Siren Tights, via MyTights – $19.50

Hansel from Basel Poppy Printed Tights, via Anthropologie – $20.00

Transparenze Fiore Tights, via Hosieree – $20.29

Gal Stern Calla Blossom Tights – $25.00

Jonathan Aston Flock of Flowers Tulle Tights – $25.00

Jonathan Aston Lace Knee Sock Tights – $25.00

Modcloth Heart-on-Knee Tights – $29.99

Hansel from Basel Donegal Kneepad Tights (available in 4 colors) – $34.00

Modcloth Posh Prowess Tights – $34.99

Hansel from Basel Colorblock Tights – $36.00

Gal Stern Yin Yang Tights – $39.00

BZR Fuschian Violet Ombre Tights (available in 5 colors) – $40.00

Hansel from Basel Spotted Tights, via Anthropologie – $42.00

Bebaroque Plum Eva Tights – approximately $52.00

Les Queues des Sardines Monarch Butterfly Tights – approximately $58.66

Les Queues des Sardines Gallilée Star Tights – approximately $58.66

Wolford Dana Tights, via Lille Boutique – $62.00

Wolford Kate Tights, via Nordstrom (available in 3 colors) – $65.00


Bebaroque Teal Zsa Zsa Tights – approximately $105.00



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