Is This Gorgeous 10-year-old French Model the Next Big Thing, or is it Just Creepy?


I’m starting to feel a little creepy writing about children all the time, but this girl has an epic beauty, an effortless chicness and an impressive modeling portfolio that is far beyond her ten years. According to Facebook, Thylane Lena-Rose Blondeau is from the Ivory coast and was born in 2001. She’s not only adorable, but stunning, with a face that reminds us of Brigitte Bardot in a way that no one has besides Lara Stone; and that perfectly messy Lou Doillon-esque hair that only the French seem to be able to attain. It’s a tad disconcerting how much she just looks like a model (I guess she is only a few years shy of real working model age), but not as disconcerting as one of the editorials she was put in.


Judging by the sheer number of photographs of her on the internet, she must be booking modeling jobs left and right. However, we have to call out a few of them that seem just a smidge mature for the pre-teen. For example, in a few of them she’s reclining seductively in stilettos and evening gowns and more makeup and jewelry than anyone under the age of 30 should be wearing. In the above photo, she is inexplicably holding bunny rabbits. But most of the photos are pretty normal and age-appropriate.


Blondeau already has a significant internet following. Fuck Yeah Thylane Blondeau is a Tumblr dedicated to her that already boasts an impressive number of editorial shots from the model’s portfolio, including a Vogue Enfants cover. There’s also a Facebook fan page, a disturbing number of those YouTube montage videos and several posts dedicated to her on the blogosphere.


Regardless of how you feel about Blondeau as a model now, we expect to see her face for many years to come in the fashion world. Click through for some of our favorite pictures of her–age appropriate and non.


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2 responses to “Is This Gorgeous 10-year-old French Model the Next Big Thing, or is it Just Creepy?

  1. Wow.
    She is pretty but I’m fifteen and I don’t own anything or pose like that in photographs. Nonetheless, this is the 21st century modelling world so everything seems to go!
    If you have the time, come check out my blog?
    I am following yours now!!
    x Karen.

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