Things Men Find Sexy About Women

Woman's legs

Copyright: She Knows


Fit legs are attractive to a man. MSN polled a few hundred men on Twitter, asking them what they find sexiest in a woman, and legs was the number one answer

Woman wearing heels

Copyright: She Knows

High Heels

As surprising as it is, a man might notice those expensive new shoes you’re wearing. The higher the heel, the more attention you’ll get.

Man and woman praying together

Copyright: Relationships Between Men and Women

Strong Faith

For most men, a strong faith is important. A woman doesn’t necessarily have to be religious, but if she has good morals and believes in something greater than herself, a man will feel more connected with her.


Woman spraying perfume

Copyright: Spiced Beauty


Perhaps not as surprising, attraction begins with scent. A woman doesn’t even need to wear perfume; her natural scent will attract a man first.

Confident woman

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When it comes to attracting a man, confidence is key — as long as you’re not too cocky. Understated confidence is the sexiest, according to MSN.

Happy woman smiling

Copyright: Wear JDV


Men find genuinely happy girls the sexiest. Reel him in with a smile.

Woman wearing backless dress

Copyright: Look and Life

Exposed Back

An exposed back, especially the small of the back, is attractive to many men. Show a little skin if you choose, but keep it classy.

Woman whispering into man's ear

Copyright: She Knows

Using His Name

When a man hears his name in general conversation, he finds it endearing. Whisper sweet nothings into your man’s ear, and throw his name into the conversation every once in a while.

Girl in workout clothes

Copyright: She Knows

Curvy Hips

Guys like it when your hips are wider than your waist, giving you a natural curve from your waist to hips. Don’t try any crazy diet or exercise programs to achieve this curve though — that’s not attractive.

Eva Longoria on red carpet

Copyright: chic stories

Subtle Cleavage

You don’t need to wear a turtleneck, but don’t let the girls hang all out either. Show a tasteful amount of skin to get your man’s attention, just as Eva Longoria did on the red carpet.


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