How to Pump Yourself Up for Your Date


10 ways to get super psyched (and sexier) before meeting your suitor du jour by Kimberly Dawn Neumann on

    Don New Undies

    You know how you’re supposed to wear clean underwear before you leave the house? Turns out there’s something to that. “The Feng Shui concept with wearing new underwear is that having on something new will give you the energetic sense of freshness and newness,” says Feng-Shui Coach Salvatore Manzi. “It provides a shield and boost of confidence — like wearing a super-hero outfit hidden beneath your street clothes.” Make sure you’re wearing the sexiest super hero outfit you can find!


    Practice Your Strut

    A recent Belgian study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that a free and sexy swagger is usually an indication that a woman has been recently sexually fulfilled. Why? People who climax have more confidence and self esteem — which translates to more fluidity in their walk.

    If you channel this energy on your next date, he will notice your little je ne sais quoi and won’t be able to help but be turned on. And, there’s a very simple and fun way to get your strut on. Before you meet up, turn your hallway into a runway and pace back and forth like the America’s Next Top Model title is on the line — get your hips swinging, stomp with purpose and work! Walk until you start to believe you’re really on a catwalk. We’re not saying you should sashay in front of him all night (actually, please don’t) but that little exercise down the hall will give you a little extra bounce and sass throughout the date.


    Buy Yourself Flowers

    Not only will buying yourself flowers reinforce your feeling that you are special but it will also imbue your surroundings with love. “To spark romance, Feng Shui uses the colors of pink, white and red, but the best flowers to get are the ones you like,” says Manzi, who actually suggests placing a vase just inside your front entrance in order to welcome romantic energy into your life.


    Get a Boob Lift

    The right bra can instantly make you look 10 pounds thinner and improve your posture! “A properly fitting bra guides your girls up and in, exposing the smallest part of your ribcage, and that helps you look pounds slimmer in a matter of minutes,” says Ali Cudby, author of Busted! The Fab Foundations Guide to Bras That Fit, Flatter and Feel Fantastic. “Even better, women report that when the fit of their bra improves, so does their posture. Looking thinner and standing taller? That’s the ideal combination to boost your confidence on any date.” So instead of putting on your “sexy” bra — you know, the one that is really pretty but doesn’t really work — opt for the bra in the drawer that fits you best. According to Cudby, that’s the bra that has:

    …a band that fits around the ribcage and is doing 80-90 percent of the work to support your breasts.

    …cups that look smooth while containing all your breast tissue.

    …straps that don’t dig into your shoulders because they should only be responsible for 10-20 percent of holding up your chest. When a bra fits properly, the straps will stay put, and won’t slip off your shoulders.


    Moisturize All Over

    Time to rub yourself down, from head to toe. “Keep in mind that men love to touch what they see…and soft, smooth, radiant skin communicates health and vitality to men,” says Nina Helms, President of SHE AfterCare. “Knowing that your whole body is velvety soft elevates your confidence an extra level for the night ahead.” With that in mind, Helms suggests you take a hot steamy bath or shower before a date — exfoliate and then nourish and polish your body with a great moisturizer. You might also try an oil with a dash of silicone to add a glossy, extra silky finish to your skin.

    “Don’t forget to alluringly stroke your neck, a hot erogenous zone, during your date to inspire his animal instinct to reach out and caress you,” says Helms. As soon as he realizes how soft your skin is, he may not be able to stop touching you!


    Drop and Give Me 15

    Seriously, hit the ground and start doing some pre-date pushups. This is the “literal” translation of pumping yourself up for a date. “Doing 15 pushups pre-date will plump up the muscles in your chest, shoulders and triceps to give you lovely contours in bare fashions or body-hugging knits,” says Joan Pagano, author of Strength Training for Women. Doing a few push-ups can also help you quell any nervous energy so you can greet your date relaxed and ready to have fun.


    Give Yourself an Aura-tude Adjustment

    Ever wonder why you immediately connect with or feel drawn to some people and not others? You’re feeling their energy — their aura. “You have an electromagnetic field that radiates from you and people can feel your energy, your essence, just like you can sense theirs,“ says Pamala Oslie, author of Love Colors: A New Approach to Love, Relationships and Auras. “And the energy you’re sending out can affect others.” Meaning, if you’ve got a murky aura thanks to stress, anger, life stuff or even insecurity, you may not radiate your best vibes on a date. Try the following exercise from Oslie to help your aura grow brighter and bigger, which is attractive to others:

    Imagine a bright light radiating from you. Envision an expansive, wonderful white light growing bigger and bigger around your body. This will actually positively affect your energy, your aura — and people will feel it. Try it when you’re walking down the street. As you focus on radiating and expanding the light around you, you’ll see more people notice you — maybe even smile at you. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and more empowered which is appealing to other people.


    Indulge a Snack Attack

    It’s a great idea to eat a little snack before going out, not only to keep you from starving (and being cranky about it), but also because it can put you in an “I’m going out” frame of mind. You can create whatever little recipe for dating success that works for you, but here is a suggested menu from Alyse Levine, RD, founder of

    Drink a large glass of water and snack on a small banana to avoid fluid retention (drinking lots of fluid and eating potassium rich foods help). If you feel svelte you’ll feel confident.

    Chew on a fresh Rosemary sprig or eat some yogurt with live and active cultures to help fight off bad breath

    Have a little dark chocolate to sweeten the taste in your mouth and possibly get you in the mood (dark chocolate is thought to be an aphrodisiac).

    Ask for First Dance

    “Doing 20 minutes of cardio, like putting on upbeat music and dancing around the house, will get your blood flowing, release your feel-good endorphins, and gear you up for your date with positive energy,” says Pagano. “When you get your energy pumping, you are more likely to be exuberant, entertaining and engaged during your date,” says Manzi. “Plus, any old, stuck energies in your home will be shaken out!”


    Change Your Sheets

    While this one might seem a little presumptuous, from a Feng Shui perspective, when you change out your bed linens, you’re energetically putting any past relationships behind you and preparing yourself to be fully ready for what lies ahead. “Along with fresh linens, you can enhance the feeling of intimacy by adding lavender or rose linen spray, both of which have energetic qualities that open and calm the heart,” says Manzi. Okay, and fine…there is nothing wrong with planning ahead either. If you build it, he will come, right?


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