Say What? Tyrese Says Men Are Raised To Cheat?!

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Say What? Tyrese Says Men Are Raised To Cheat?!

Friday Apr 8, 2011 – By Britni Danielle

Today singer-turned-actor Tyrese stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to discuss his new book, How to Get Out Of Your Own Way. If you’ve been following Tyrese on Twitter this year (or if you’re like me, you’re subjected to re-tweets of his words), then you know he’s been trying his best to get his Steve Harvey on. For the past year Tyrese has been doling out relationship “advice” and words of wisdom to his followers, and it’s finally led us here—to a book.

Today, the newly published author, and apparently, relationship “expert” let Wendy Williams in on a little secrete—why men cheat.

When Williams asked Tyrese, why do some men stray away from their relationships, Tyrese sounded less like a guru and more like a man who enjoys the fruits of double standards.

“I don’t have all the answers, but I can say that most mothers raised their daughters to believe that if you cook, clean, thoroughly take care of your man and go all out for your man, that should keep him home. Unfortunately that’s not the truth, but I will say to my daughter when she gets old and starts dating is, if you end up being cheated on, don’t own the cheat. Don’t make the cheat yours. It’s something in that skirt and those legs and whatever the case may be, and [he] decided to dip off. Does he see the value in his woman at home? Yes, but if he ends up dipping off, that spaghetti couldn’t keep him at home.”

Hmm. Interesting.

Despite his apparent lackadaisical view of cheating, when Williams asked if Tyrese would be as forgiving and nonchalant about his (future/potential) wife’s infidelities, the crooner sang a totally different tune.

No way. See, it’s expected of men to cheat, even though all men don’t cheat. I can’t just generalize and say all men cheat, but it’s expected because it’s a part of our upbringing…no listen if your in high school or in college, if one dude has sex with ten different women he is a hero, he’s the champion of the campus. If one woman has sex with ten different guys, they’re all kind of things in the book right?…It’s just a part of what instilled in us growing up.”

While I agree with not blaming yourself for being cheated on, I can’t get with the notion that men are “brought up” to cheat and therefore their partners should “expect” it to happen. Continuing to perpetuate the notion that men must “dip off” into a woman (or man) at any given time is not only false, but reduces men to animals unable to control their urges.

Like Wendy, I call b.s.

But what do you think Clutchettes and Gents? Should we “expect” men to cheat?

Say What? Tyrese Says Men Are Raised To Cheat?! « Clutch Magazine


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