Las Vegas NV Blog: Lingerie Football


Lingerie Football

The Lingerie Football League expansion to Las Vegas, and ready to play.

Las Vegas was announced On February 2nd, 2011 the team and Las Vegas has been added as an extension of the Lingerie Football League founded by Mitch Mortaza.
Before Las Vegas was chosen one of four teams will be introduced in 2008, when the league started, but when the league appeared in 2009, in Las Vegas was found.
It makes little sense and the Lingerie Football League is home to the "Las Vegas".
So in 2011, Las Vegas will join fellow expansion team in Green Bay and Cleveland, which the league with a total of 12 teams.
Many teams have from Las Vegas. We had our stay XFL, Arena Football, ABA Basketball, Triple A baseball, minor league hockey, and the list continues.

Minerich Collier was named market manager of the team and is partially responsible for the maintenance of their Las Vegas extension until the end as the teams of the past in Las Vegas.
The former Baywatch star and current star Angelica Bridges Fantasy at Luxor Las Vegas was selected and a list of titles.
Angelica Bridges was elected as one of "Maxim Magazines" 50 sexiest women in the world and has appeared in Playboy in 2001. Angelica appearance, status, and the goddess, as well as the ability to immediately hit the Las Vegas local crowd.
Two current players left Chicago Bliss and go to Las Vegas. Star running back and receiver Tasha”The Tank”Pryor Sarah Swanson taking their talents to Las Vegas where they will be a crucial element of the new team.
Teams of 20 players, and sometimes three or four players who play both offense and defense.
The women of the LFL does not hide the fact that the game is arena full contact football and the like. Uniforms are just pads the shoulder, elbow, knee, garter belts, bras, panties and hockey-style helmets.

Las Vegas NV Blog: Lingerie Football


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