Is There Room For Plus Sized Lingerie Models?


Is There Room For Plus Sized Lingerie Models?

THE STRUGGLE TO BE SKINNY In this superficial world of anorexic women models setting ‘the standard’ for how women should look, is there room for healthy full-figured women to attract their husbands and let other women know that a natural body is beautiful?

There are women who are not obese and yet they do not qualify to be models as they are still not thin enough. Society, the media and many fashion companies put pressure on women to be as thin as possible and this is not right. Fuller women can still look very sexy and attractive in plus size lingerie and they should be proud of how they look when wearing lingerie
The sad thing is that this type of pressure can cause women to do weird things to their bodies such develop anorexic and bulimic behavior. Some women have done irreparable damage to their
bodies in attempt to look as thin as possible. Friends have encouraged these women and family members gain weight, as they look unhealthily thin.
Some people are overweight for reasons other than overeating and the converse applies as well, some people are very thin but not due to the fact that they eat too little. Some women have incredibly quick metabolisms and they are able to eat what they like and they will still be very thin. Fuller women should not feel that they have to look like these thinner women just to be sexy in plus sized lingerie
There are dangers associated with being too thin and women need to be aware of this. Being too thin can bring about a host of other problems with it. Women can experience menstrual irregularities when they are below normal weight. Another symptom of this is anemia or signs of vitamin deficiency. People who are vitamin deficient are usually malnourished and this is often as a
result of being below normal weight.
Women who are very thin will have bones protruding and palpable through their skin and apart from being unhealthy it does not look good at all. Body weight that is less than 15 percent of ideal weight is far too thin. These are some of the dangers that are associated with trying to be too thin.

Magazines are full of stories about people who are trying to lose weight and many of them are public figures. Many experts believe that the underweight problem is equally problematic as the
obesity problem. Apparently close to 50 million Americans are underweight and 5 percent of all deaths in the country are related to being underweight. As many as 17% of the population is more
than twenty five percent underweight. One wonders how these figures would be different if there was not so much pressure on young women to be thin just so that they can wear Lingerie


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