Is Sexy Lingerie An Essential Must Have For American Women Today?


Smoking 1032 bra, 1034 thong, 1033 gb

Unlike 50 years ago, women in America do not seem to be quite as obsessed with sexy lingerie as they used to be. This is because much of the pomp and circumstance that women would put up with at the beginning to mid 20th century has gone the way of the homemaker.

Stephanie 1431 bra, 1432 thongBack in the day, however, women used to always wear sexy lingerie. From garter belts that held up silk stockings (particularly the kind with the lines running up the back) to elaborate satin robes that had beautiful beadwork and detailed embroidery, women old enough to be our grandmothers took pride in wearing their sexy lingerie. Today, women will go to sleep wearing their husbands old boxer shorts and a tee shirt, but back then, things were much different.

J'adore 0807 teddySo what changed so much in the last 40 to 50 years that caused women to stray away from sexy lingerie? Many people point to the womens rights movement as the tipping point. Instead of buying sexy lingerie, women of the 1960s and 1970s were burning their bras in protest, demanding equal rights, equal wages and equal opportunities. Somewhere during all of that protesting, sexy lingerie sort of lost its place.

Nora 4774 tanga deatil backHowever, sexy lingerie is starting to make a comeback these days as women begin to realize that being equal does not mean that you have to wear the same kind of clothes as your husband in the bedroom and beyond. Sexy lingerie that can be worn to the office, such as fishnet stockings, is starting to see a rise in popularity. Although most women do not own embroidered and elaborate bathrobes, many do own matching bra and panty sets that can be considered sexy lingerie.

Vanessa 1480 bra, 1482 gbSexy lingerie is also seeing a comeback because of certain Hollywood stars that are bringing sexy back. One very good example is Dita Von Teese who is absolutely gorgeous and has always looked flawless whenever she is photographed outside of her house. Although she used to be married to Marilyn Manson, she has made herself famous for being such an awesome icon in the fashion industry.

Nora 4773 bu detailAdditionally, she often talks in magazine interviews about how she loves to wear sexy lingerie to bed. Dita Von Teese does not wear sexy lingerie to bed on special occasions only, she wears sexy lingerie to bed every single night! If she can do it, the rest of us can too.

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So let us know what YOU thing. . .Is Sexy Lingerie An Essential Must Have For American Women Today?


One response to “Is Sexy Lingerie An Essential Must Have For American Women Today?

  1. Super hot models with alluring lingerie look so great. Even in my plus size body, I know I can handle wearing it and maybe I will look more sexier than them. hehe..

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