Things To Be Considered When Choosing Wedding Lingerie | Lingerie in

September 14th, 2010 Posted by admin

The right lingerie will enhance your figure and help you look your best. None of women don’t want to show her best on her big day? Therefore, when you choose your wedding lingerie, you first have to answer a few questions for yourself:
wedding lingerie*What is your wedding dress like?
*When will the wedding be? (How long will you have to wear the lingerie, and is it extremely hot or cold out?)
*How comfortable is it to wear for hours on end?
The colors of wedding lingerie are usually nude and white. It is fit for the white or ivory wedding gowns. If your dress is not in white or ivory, you can experiment with other colors for your wedding lingerie. Dress fabric is also a factor to be considered when choosing your wedding lingerie. You don’t want to choose bulky underthings if your dress is thin, satiny and clingy enough to show every bump and curve.
You are going to wear wedding dress and the lingerie, of course–for a whole day. So comfortable of lingerie is very important. You’d better try on your lingerie for more than the two minute. Stretch in it. Sit down in it. Kneel in it. Make sure it is really cozy.


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