How Many Lingerie Brands Do You Know?


How Many Lingerie Brands Do You Know?

Posted in Lingerie Fashion Trend | Posted on 27-09-2010

sexy lingerie

sexy lingerie

The various brands of sexy lingerie in the exclusive shops may make you feel difficult to choose. Here I just want to warn that you must pay special attention to the brands of lingerie when you are choosing. You cannot underestimate the importance of brand. The design of sexy costumes maybe the most complicated design among the clothing designs, for it requires different knowledge of material, body figures, modeling, and so on. A mature lingerie brand usually got built on the base of experiences of many years, and it usually has its own design style.

Now, as a woman who cares a lot about your fashion lingerie, you can scan those brief introductions of lingerie brands together with me, and perhaps, it would be helpful when you decide to buy lingerie for yourself.

No.1 is the Laperla. This brand is the most beautiful and expensive lingerie brand all over the world. You can find bra, sock, panty, overall sexy underwear, swimwear, lingerie and so on from the shops of this brand and all of its products are the favorites of women from every corner of the world. The credendum of Laperla is that every woman is beautiful, hot, and attractive even when she takes off her coats, only wearing her lingerie.

sexy lingerie
sexy lingerie

No.2 is the Chantelle. Chantelle is the most famous lingerie brand in France. This brand was built in 1876, and the major potential customers of it are urban ladies aged from 25 to 45. Every product of this brand was designed carefully by skillful designer, and the most common used materials of them are the best lace, marcerized cotton and so on to make sure this clothes can bring its user the most comfortable feelings.

No.3 is Lise Charmel. French brand too. You can find the classic beauty as well as the modern fashion on it at the same time. The sexy design can make you catch the world fashion pace all the time.

No.4 is the Triumph. This brand even is regarded as the No.1 brand of lingerie and it has a long history of 112 years. Its products are very popular in about 120 countries and the sales of it can reach 200 million. Its popular design, exquisite craftsmanship, comfortable feeling and various types attract every woman’s faithful love.

Well ? How Many Lingerie Brands Do “You” Know?


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