Basketball Wives Royce Reed’s Sexy Lingerie Shoot

Published On 11 Mar 2011 By Robert Littal.




Interesting thing about Royce (or Smurfette as I like to call her), is when Basketball Wives started, she was pegged as the one who would cause the most drama.

The reality though, is she has been the most stable and least controversial of the entire cast. And because of that, there has been rumors that they are trying to replace her.

In the reality show world, if you aren’t embarrassing yourself on a daily basis, you have no value to the show. It also hurts that she can’t speak on Dwight Howard without him filing a 100 million lawsuit against her.

Unlike most young ladies who star in these type shows, I think her public reputation has improved, so good for her.

She looks good in her lingerie shoot and we already know she can drop it like it’s hot, so that is Charlie Sheen “Winning”.





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