Celebs Your Man Should Dress Like


Fashion: Celebs Your Man Should Dress Like

February 23rd, 2011 – By Victoria Uwumarogie

The men on this list fly in private planes, throw parties at the Hamptons, and have millions, literally millions, in the bank. While your man might not have all that (pat yourself on the back if he does!), doesn’t mean he can’t dress like these G.Q. brothas. They are the best dressed black male celebrities in Hollywood–well, according to moi. After a few glances over their stylish photographs, I’m sure you’ll agree. If not, let us know who you’d like to add to the list, or unapologetically delete.

P. Diddy

What would a best dressed list be without Sean Combs, the fashion designer and mastermind behind the epic White Party in the Hamptons, and consummate self-promoter? Ever since he came Diddy-boppin’ and spinning into our lives in floor length leather coats, P. Diddy has not gone away. And that could be a good thing. His flashy (big furs, buttery leather bombers) yet classy (the king of white on black tuxedos) ensembles changed the men’s fashion game and scream opulence. His style has definitely matured over the years, but it hasn’t fundamentally changed. And he might have a succession of flyness on his hands thanks to his three sons (including Quincy), whose style has been influenced by Poppa Puff.

Idris Elba

I doubt most women are looking at what Idris Elba’s got on when he pops up on a red carpet. A man like that could wear a trash bag with arm holes and still be fine, but luckily for us, his attire accentuates his debonair looks. Rocking sharp suits, refined vests and facial hair to perfection (goatee and sideburns he shouldn’t live without), Elba is a definite winner at premieres, parties and the awards show scene. But even DJing on the side and hitting up 106 & Park, when dressed down in quirky tees, soft cardigans and paperboy caps, he looks just as razor sharp.

Kanye West

He didn’t get the nickname the “Louis Vuitton Don” for nothing. Say what you want about Kanye West. Yes he’s arrogant, shallow, and rude as that thang. He’s said it himself, actually. But there’s no denial that he pretty much flipped the state of fashion in hip hop upside down. West is one of the few figures in music to work with high fashion label Louis Vuitton and dominate a partnership with Nike by presenting the world with the highly popular Air Yeezy’s. And while both in his personal life and sometimes in his style, he’s slipped, if you ever question his fashion influence, ask yourself the following: why did everyone have those awful yet greatly coveted shutter shades? And why did every guy think a blazer over a sweater constituted being “dressed up?” Cause Mr. West did it first.

Nick Cannon

There’s an amount of props you have to give to a man that gets dressed up for any and everything, as though he’s got his fingers crossed for the master of ceremonies position to mysteriously open up wherever he goes… Blame it on age, or maybe the woman he’s got holding him down. Cannon stayed in big chains and PNB Nation shirts with past flames Christina Milian and Selita Ebanks, but things changed with Mariah. He has been the poster boy for dapper Easter-colored tailored suits (I know, it’s possible!) and regal pocket squares. Whatever caused the change, let’s just hope he sticks with it.

Dwyane Wade

Besides being awfully good at putting a leather orb inside of a net, and oh yeah, selling T-Mobile Sidekicks, Dwyayne Wade sure knows how to look good in a suit. Gabrielle Union’s boo, Wade, is a fan of quirky colored ties and starch-pressed button ups. And while it should be hard for a guy his size to find a good fitting suit , Wade’s suits are fitted. And let’s not forget his love for fresh cardigans and utility jackets, which I in turn love. Oh yeah, and there’s that 100-watt smile.

Theophilus London

I bet you’re scratching your head on this one, but hold tight, I can explain. While Kanye and P. Diddy represent the upscale, dare I say, older side of hip hop, people like Kid Cudi, and Theophilus London especially, are the representation of the current uber-popular Hipster movement in hip hop. That is skinny jeans, Geek-squad glasses, denim shirts and classic leather jackets to set the whole look off. A friend of and collaborator with the equally in vogue Solange Knowles, and rocking an almost new age beatnik look that makes him all the more interesting, London is a fresh kid. Say he doesn’t belong on this list? Give it a couple of months, you’ll catch on.

Pharrell Williams

It’s been awhile, but hopefully you haven’t forgotten about the freshness of Skateboard P. The producer not only makes some of our favorite beats to drop it like it’s burnt to, he’s an accomplished fashion designer. Williams is the co-founder of Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream Clothing. On top of that, Williams was named the “Best Dressed Man in the World” by Esquire magazine in 2005. With all that said, Williams is an icon, but he likes to keep his look simple. Muted colored top or bright hoodie, dark jeans and sometimes eclectic shorts with shades always covering his eyes, Skateboard P has definitely moved lightyears past his trucker cap days.


A few years back, to say Jay-Z was fashion forward in hip hop would have been a joke. His attire then didn’t require much effort, he sported the usual: huge white tee, baggy jeans, dusty headbands, oversized sneakers and a few jerseys. What an upgrade. His style is definitely swanky now, without trying to do what the young boys do. No skinny jeans, just crisp pieces that fit. Personality-giving scarves over blazer jackets and bombers, dark shades and a lot of braggadocio. But old Jay is still there: graphic tops, white tees (just a few sizes smaller) and that Yankees fitted cap still stay in tact.

Andre Benjamin

Not 100 percent sure if you’ll want your man in the same threads as Andre 3k, but he’s an “it” person when it comes to men’s fashion thanks to his unhinged style. Benjamin holds nothing back when he puts one foot and the other in his pants every morning, especially in the color department. Pinks, greens, and well, every color you can think of pretty much, Benjamin’s style is vintage all the way. He rocks suspenders, plaids, paige boy caps and side parts in his hair religiously, and he was the male version of Janelle Monae before Janelle Monae. While I can’t say if the looks are sexy ones, the confidence he bears in each fit makes them all right with me.

President Barack Obama

I know you didn’t think I’d forget Barack! Everything about President Obama is cool and stylish. His walk, his talk, his always calm, almost smug demeanor towards his mass number of haters. But his sense of style is just as cucumber cool as he is. Mostly seen in shades of blue or black, his suits fit him just right. God forbid he be seen sans American flag pin, Obama changes it up with his ties most. But let’s be honest, no matter what he’s wearing, President Obama will still be one of the stylist and coolest men ever in most black folks’ eyes. But what does he really need to prove when the man was on the front of all of our shirts, hats and pins a few years ago? Now that’s fashion.


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