The Curvy Girls Guide to Jeans – BV on Style


The Curvy Girls Guide to Jeans – BV on Style

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Jeans

By Ashley Patrice Williams on Feb 25th 2011 2:25PM

There are few things more difficult for the curvy girl to find than a great fitting pair of jeans. Well, this week, we hope to demystify the process by giving you some tips to keep in mind while you shop for the perfect pair.


1. You absolutely MUST make a trip to the fitting room. With jeans, it is difficult to determine if a style will fit properly unless you try them on. There are styles that may look perfect on the shelf or online. However, you may be surprised once you get them on your body. Schedule a whole afternoon, or even an entire weekend to search for the right fit. For online purchases, make sure the store has a workable exchange and return policy.
2. Spandex is your friend. Some curvy girls get nervous at the idea of body-clinging fabric, but denim mixed with 2% (or less) Lycra, or an alternative stretchy fabric, will give your jeans just the snugness and give they need to hug you in all the right places, yet surmount any problem areas. Stretchiness also helps conquer the age-old problem of jeans that fit the width of your hips, but not the narrowness of your waist.

3. As always, know your body. Too much distressing and fading exaggerates larger shapes. Stick to dark, clean washes for a slimming effect. Long-waisted jeans help conceal and slim round tummies. Straight leg styles and those with a slight boot cut add length and balance wider hips – just make sure that the leg doesn’t flare wider than the width of your thigh.

4. Don’t be afraid of skinny jeans. Just be sure to pick styles that are long, dark and have enough stretch. Wearing them with a heel will give you a lengthening and slenderizing effect.

5. Pick a contrasting seam. A seam with a color that starkly differs from that of the jean (think gold seams on dark denim or dark blue on light jeans) will help minimize a full thigh as it runs down the length of the leg. A distinctive seam can also make legs look longer.
6. Know that ‘slightly too snug’ is better than ‘a little too loose’ or what seems like ‘just right.’ When you are buying jeans with stretch, over time, the fabric will relax and become slacker. You want a pair that will mold to your body the more you wear them. Just ensure that they aren’t so tight that you can’t get them up and fully zipped – the tautness should be minimal, meaning the jeans should fit when you swipe your card. And avoid ‘muffin top’ at all costs!


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