Curvy’ Vs. ‘Fat’ — What’s the Big Difference? – BV on Style


Hot Debate: Curvy’ Vs. ‘Fat’ — What’s the Big Difference? – BV on Style

Hot Debate: ‘Curvy’ Vs. ‘Fat’ — What’s the Big Difference?

By Ashley Patrice Williams on Mar 5th 2011 6:00AM

Is "curvy" just a polite, politically correct way of saying "fat"?
Does it refer only to black women?
Does being anything over an 8 mean that a woman is sitting on her couch all day, stuffing her face with fast food while letting her treadmill collect dust?

Simply: no, no and no.

"Curvy" certainly includes those ladies who are plus-sized – actress Mo’Nique is a great example. However, it can also apply to a woman who may be widely considered to be of average size, or even small, but who has a very womanly shape (think: Beyonce, Alicia Keys) and goes beyond the current Hollywood ideal that anything over a size 4 is "questionable." In fact, the term "curvy" can even be used to describe women who are otherwise thin but wear a little extra weight in particular areas of the body, i.e. Kim Kardashian.
When we use "curvy", know that it is meant to encompass a number of different body types and shapes, not simply the all-around ample. Even when your waist is a 0, it takes many hours of shopping, tailoring and finagling to fit a shirt or dress over a DDD chest. Some women can wear bikini tops with ease, but find themselves visiting specialty shops for bottoms that will fully cover their ample derrieres!
And while hours of exercise and dieting will give you toned arms, legs and six-pack abs, genetics are a killer and, without the help of surgery, those breasts and booty just won’t go away. So why not praise the woman blessed with abundant assets with an article series focused on the best fabric cuts for her special areas?
The word "curvy" is not reserved only for black women, either. We’ve already used the example of Kim Kardashian, but there are several other non-black women who can be considered "curvy," including actresses Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek and actress, former Miss World and Indian beauty Aishwarya Rai.
To settle the dispute once and for all, here’s a gallery of a variety of bodacious beauties – both black and non-black – and what earns them the "curvy" title.

Celebs With Curves 2011-3-9 17-16-10Queen Latifah, showing that voluptuous women can do strapless, too, really knows how to work her shape.

As a spokeswoman for Jenny Craig, having lost upwards of 20 pounds, she has proven that not all large women are sitting
around stuffing their faces with fast food, nor do they all desire to be a size 2. 2011-3-9 17-16-21Curvy Girl Alicia Keys keeps it simple in an all-black mini-dress. Alica is the perfect example of a pear-shaped girl who knows how to flaunt her defined arms and taut middle while still embracing her curvy hips and thick thighs. 2011-3-9 17-12-57Sassy and sexy, Amber Rose is practically the modern poster girl for non-black Curvies. Spotting her almost everywhere as Kanye’s former arm piece, black men and women were forced to realize that all-over curves don’t come in just one
color. 2011-3-9 17-13-27"Bootylicious" is defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary because of this Curvy Girl.  In this photo, showing off a dangerous set of curves in an emerald, skin-tight gown, Beyonce gave every girl license to love any extra junk in her trunk. 2011-3-9 17-13-52A former skinny girl, Christina Aguilera gained a lot of (mostly positive) attention once she started to fill out. But despite any negative press, she professed to loving her new look! Here, Aguilera’s relatively newfound curves look womanly and sexy in a black lace and flesh-toned mermaid-style gown. 2011-3-9 17-14-18Curvy doesn’t mean boring for gospel singers Mary Mary, shining in leather and sequins. These Curvy Girls have long been known for having strict workout regimens, again confirming that full-figured doesn’t mean lazy. 2011-3-9 17-14-51Here’s Jill Scott looking amazing in a knee-length, form-fitting number. This lady has a killer set of gams and a perfect hourglass shape.

Who says that wearing a double-digit size means you can’t rock body-con? 2011-3-9 17-15-26Consummate Curvy Girl Mo’nique has made no qualms about being a big girl – and loving it. She helped pave the way for women who are naturally large to embrace the fact that some people just aren’t meant to be thin, but that that doesn’t mean you can’t love the body you were given.

Here, she is stylish in a cowl-neck sheath. 2011-3-9 17-15-4Temptress Sofía Vergara, looking glamorous in a two-toned, corseted gown, was a star in her own right in her native Colombia. Now, with the hit sitcom ‘Modern Family,’ Vergara has reminded American women (and men) why big boobs rock.


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