A $1850 Sports Bra . . .

$1850 Sports Bra
Some women spend months — or years — looking for the right sports bra. The list of must-have features is often long: chafe-free, straps that stay up, no digging into the skin, no embarrassment when worn in the locker room.
What’s usually not on the required list is bling. The Trenta Bra from BodyRock Sport comes with a detachable sterling silver charm bracelet and necklace that fastens to the bra’s neckline. And the whole shebang is $1,850, supposedly making it the most expensive sports bra in the world.
Designed by Joseph Knight of jewelry company Knight&Hammer, the bracelet — or maybe it’s the necklace, hard to tell — features big, chunky charms on a chain, such as a dagger, a cross, a ring and some faux ancient coin-looking things. The bra itself is black spandex with gunmetal burnout fabric on the sides which, as the Web site says, “adds ventilation”.
Though we could see some pretty young thing wearing this to a club, we have a harder time imagining someone wearing it while jumping hurdles or boxing or taking a yoga class or walking on a treadmill.
And let’s just say you’re smart enough to detach the chunky blingy stuff before exercising. Do you really want to go to your spin class and sweat profusely in a sports bra that cost almost $2,000?

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