Ladies-Take off those “BORING PANTIES” & Throw ‘Em AWAY, it’s time to wear some LINGERIE ! ! !

Wikipedia defines lingerie a term for fashionable and possibly alluring female undergarments. The term in the French language applies to all undergarments for either gender. In English it is applied specifically to those undergarments designed to be visually appealing or erotic. Lingerie usually incorporating one or more flexible, stretchy materials like Lycra, nylon (nylon tricot), polyester, satin, lace, and silk which are not typically used in more functional, basic cotton undergarments.

So that being said, if it’s designed to be visually appealing, erotic and alluring, then ask yourself, Why in the HELL do you put it in the back of the dresser and only wear it on those “Special Occasions” ? Shouldn’t you feel sexy EVERYDAY ? Think about it, in the morning when you put on those white “daily” panties and that white bra, did it “Jump Start” your day-I’m thinking “NO.  NOW think about when you start your day by putting on your best bra and your prettiest panties and look in the mirror, don’t you feel like you can conquer the world ! ! ! ! That’s because the right Lingerie has the ability to allow you to “reinvent and revitalize” yourself. . .

So forget EVERYTHING you used to think, toss that out the window along with those “Plain Panties”

First, NEVER FORGET what you mother used to tell you-You Get What You Pay For- buying cheaper Lingerie will mean that you will end up with pieces that probably won’t support you properly. Always choose quality over price. Look for fabrics that suit your day, if you find yourself “sweating” a lot during the day go for the pretty cotton types. You can find Lingerie that has the best of both worlds, cotton & lace- Remember-this is not your mothers Lingerie anymore. . .

Just remember this ONE VERY IMPORTANT FACT-It doesn’t matter how pretty it is IF IT DOSENT FIT OR FEEL GOOD, YOU WONT FEEL GOOD EITHER. Before you buy, GET SIZED-that bra you got from Wal-Mart LAST YEAR, probably is not the same “38C” it was when you got it, and YOU probably are not the same “38C” either. Most “good” lingerie and intimate apparel stores will offer bra fitting where some will take your bust measurements and recommend the appropriate bra size and bra styles that you are seeking. But be careful, because if they don’t know how to size you properly, you might be worse off.

Getting the right bra size & support is vital – your butt will look sexy with no panty lines & your bust will look great with the right bra, but without the right support your health may suffer and you may star experiencing, neck, shoulder, and neck pains. A good bra will make you look great, feel great and will be the start to A NITE 2 REMEMBER .


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